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I have gotten many treatments done at Dentakraft such as root canal, cavity filling and a major wisdom tooth surgery. All of which have been handled exceptionally well by all dentists that have taken care of the respective treatments. Dr.Vidhu is a patient and knowledgeable person who explains what exactly the issue is and how they are planning to go about treating the same. Overall had a very pleasant experience at Dentakraft Indiranagar. I recommend Dentakraft to everyone looking out to address oral health issues.
I had bleeding gums problem for which I consulted 2 doctors prior to Dr Vidhu and they just told me do salt water gargle and changed the toothpaste but still I had that issue for months when I went toDr Vidhu in the consultation itself she said what the problem was and gave the solution after which the bleeding stopped. Also had an extraction done for the wisdom tooth the surgeon was well experienced and removed the tooth in mins, i did not have any pain after the surgery as well, as the Dr had prescribed good medications. Over all good experienced doctors to trust with your teeth.
I’ve visited Dentakraft, Fully satisfied with their amazing care and treatments. The best part is how closely they’re listening to you and explains to your simple questions with great amount information which you should know and taken care. I suggest Dentakraft for you, If you’re looking for a great dental assistance.
Had great experience during all my visits to the clinic. One of the very few doctors who actually keeps their appointment and does not make you wait. Her patient and thoughtful approach to the treatment ensured that I felt confident in the treatment suggested. The treatment is slightly more expensive compared to many (if not all) dentist's in the Indiranagar area, but the overall experience makes up for it.
This is my brief experience with doctor vidhu i had a very bad teeth problem with big swelling in my left side face she examined thoroughly and scheluded the treatment and very prompt and no need to wait and plan things systematically and my 2 implants and few crown done according to time and now i am leaving for holidays to australia with a broad smile I can recommend anyone to this clinic Dentakraft and i have to thank doctor vidhu and other doctors and her assistant . Just we can go blindly following her instructions and treatment plan thanks

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Deepshikha Khandelwal Client

Got my tooth aligned at Dentakraft. It was a good experience! De Vidhu did it in a very proficient way throughout. It was definitely worth waiting and visiting the clinic every month. She did address my problem and treated it very professionally. I would recommend everyone to visit once for any dental issues. Thank you very much Vidhu ma’am for being the reason behind my perfect smile 🙂

Veena S Client

I underwent root canal treatment for my tooth after lot of hesitnacy on how efficient the process would be. The doctor professionally explained the process, putting my mind to ease on any doubts on the treatment plan. The whole procedure was handled excellently, keeping in mind the patient's comfort throughout.

Supriya Pal Client

Dr Vidhu’s patience and attention to details is a quality which is highly commendable especially when it comes to the aesthetic aspect of dentistry. My husband and I have been going to her for a while now and she had always been helpful towards our specific needs and brought on board excellent skills to treat our individual case!

Practo Reviews

I came with my child for his fillings for his cavity, doctor made child so comfortable that he enjoyed the whole treatment. Would highly recommend to everyone must visit once with your kid. The kids fear of dental treatment will go away.

Shanker Client

I had a tooth in front which I had lost due to a fall...because of which I was not confident to smile..so I visited the clinic to get back my smile... Due to a long time the space for that tooth had also closed...due to which I had to go for smile correction...anyways after the whole procedure, The teeth came out so good and natural.. thanks to DR vidhu after long years after I have gained my smile back....would highly recommend the doctor to everyone..

Kishore Client

Very good doctors and consultation is very good. Very good in talking. Helping and cooperative staff.Good fee and have her own views not money minded only work for good cause.

Meenu sharma Client
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