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Your destination for ethical and quality dental care. With our expert team, we provide comprehensive treatments in a relaxed atmosphere. 

At Dentakraft, patient education is paramount. Before any treatment, we ensure that you understand your condition and the proposed procedures. We take the time to guide you through the process, making informed decisions together. Moreover, we empower our patients with knowledge of the best oral hygiene practices to maintain a healthy smile in the long run.

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Dr. Vidhu Srivastava

Smile Makeovers of Our Cases

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Tooth Whitening & Dental Gem Placement


Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening Or Bleaching

Complete Dentures & All Teeth On 4 Implants


Metal Braces & Clear Aligners 





Laser Gum Treatment & Scaling and Root Planing




Pediatric Dentistry


Root Canal Treatment & Dental Filling





Wisdom tooth extraction

Oral Surgery

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What People Say About Us

Deepshikha Khandelwal Client

Got my tooth aligned at Dentakraft. It was a good experience! De Vidhu did it in a very proficient way throughout. It was definitely worth waiting and visiting the clinic every month. She did address my problem and treated it very professionally. I would recommend everyone to visit once for any dental issues. Thank you very much Vidhu ma’am for being the reason behind my perfect smile 🙂

Veena S Client

I underwent root canal treatment for my tooth after lot of hesitnacy on how efficient the process would be. The doctor professionally explained the process, putting my mind to ease on any doubts on the treatment plan. The whole procedure was handled excellently, keeping in mind the patient's comfort throughout.

Supriya Pal Client

Dr Vidhu’s patience and attention to details is a quality which is highly commendable especially when it comes to the aesthetic aspect of dentistry. My husband and I have been going to her for a while now and she had always been helpful towards our specific needs and brought on board excellent skills to treat our individual case!

Kshitij Sah Client

I wanted to share a quick note to express my gratitude and satisfaction with the dental care I received from Dentalkraft. The entire experience was fantastic, from the friendly staff to Dr. Vidhu's expertise and gentle approach. I am truly impressed with the results and highly recommend their services. Thank you for taking care of my dental needs with such professionalism and care!

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